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BCAL-INL partnership: Integrated GIS & remote sensing solutions

Integrated GIS & Remote Sensing Solutions is a collaborative partnership leveraging the complimentary strengths of the Idaho National Lab and Idaho State University.

INL’s Geospatial Science & Engineering team has reputable expertise and cross-cutting capabilities in in-situ data collection technology, water and energy research, remote sensing research, UAV sensor integration and deployment, GIS, HPC, systems dynamic modeling, data fusion, and visualization.

ISU’s Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory (BCAL) has an established interdisciplinary research program in optical remote sensing and brings expertise in image processing and interpretation, integration of GPS and GIS into remote sensing, and a sound understanding of spatial, spectral and temporal scales of landscape processes.

Together, our program provides the technology, capabilities, and unique facilities to deliver innovative, science-based engineering Solutions to your grand geospatial challenges.


We have built an excellent reputation for producing high quality products and solutions to complex geospatial challenges. Our strong interdisciplinary skills, expertise, and outside-the-box creativity fosters the successful development of innovative tools, techniques, and applications.



CAVE® system at CAES

CAVE® system at CAES

Research takes on new dimensions at CAES with the CAVE®  Computer Assisted Virtual Environment) and IQ-Stations (portable 3D visualization systems). Our advanced capabilities in immersive visualization allow engineers, scientists and others to see, explore, and interact with data in 3D space, revealing greater detail and depth of understanding toward solutions.

High Performance Computing

INL’s High Performance Computing center is the powerhouse behind our advanced efforts in predictive modeling and simulation. Featuring Fission, an Appro distributed memory system, our center is capable of aggregate peak processing rates in excess of 90 Tflops.

Remote Sensing

We specialize in using high-resolution ground-based, low-altitude (UAV),  airborne, and   satellite data to support monitoring and assessment of the environment across multiple scales.  Newest to our impressive suite of remote sensing technologies is the Reigl VZ-1000 Terrestrial Laser Scanner (TLS), which provides high-speed, contact-free, safe, and convenient data capture. Recording full waveform, intensity and reflectance, TLS data can be viewed measured, and navigated as a 3D model – lending incredible insight to any scene.

Data Fusion

Leading the  industry in research and development of data fusion software, the fusion of multi-source data sets offers improved information for an array of applications including validation, visualization, and quantitative tool development for multidimensional analysis.

  • For more information, please contact:
    • Nancy Glenn (, 208.373.1819)
    • Randy Lee (, 208.526.0120)
    • Eric Whiting (, 208.526.1433).
  • Download INL-BCAL Brochure.
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