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Software & Hardware

ASD FieldSpec Pro spectroradiometer

ASD FieldSpec Pro Spectroradiometer

The lab includes state-of-the-art hardware and software, high definition video conferencing, RTK GPS, multispectral hand-held camera, field spectrometer, and terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) equipment. BCAL also houses an IQ-Station (also known as CAVE™) for immersive 3-D visualization. The lab has licenses for the following software:

  • Remote sensing – ENVI/IDL, eCognition, Unscrambler, BCAL Lidar Tools, TerraSolid
  • GIS – ESRI, Global Mapper
  • GPS – Trimble Pathfinder, Magnet Topcon Tools

BCAL also develops our own lidar analysis software tools – BCAL Lidar Tools.


Topcon HiperV RTK GPS

Riegl Terrestrial Laser Scanner

Riegl Terrestrial Laser Scanner