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Students getting ready for a day of field collection!

Our research focuses on image processing, interpretation of remote sensing imagery, integration of global positioning systems and geographic information systems into remote sensing, and understanding spatial, spectral, and temporal scales of landscape processes. BCAL’s interdisciplinary focus brings together science and technology in the earth and environmental sciences.

We have a number of research projects with colleagues at Boise State University, collaborating universities, and agencies such as the US Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Land Management, The Nature Conservancy, Mountain Home Air Force Base, and the Idaho Military Division. Check out the following links to learn more about our research!

Top 50 keywords from peer-reviewed publications

Accuracy assessment, Aeolian, aeolian transport, Burn severity, cold desert, continuum removal, cover, derivative analysis, DTM, dust supply, fire, GIS, GPS, hyperspectral, imaging spectrometer, invasive weeds, landsat, Landslide, Laser altimetry, Leafy spurge, LiDAR, microsite, Mixture Tuned Matched Filtering, ndvi, nitrogen, Nutrients, Playa, Potential dust emission, RADARSAT, Rangeland, remote sensing, resilience, resistance, review, sagebrush, sagebrush steppe, Saltation, Semiarid, shrub, Shrub steppe, Soil moisture, Spectroscopy, Water, wildfire, wind erosion