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Outreach Videos

  • Video of bat cave habitat and TLS

    Healthy bats A brief introduction to whitenose syndrome and a demonstration of the multiple ways the Idaho Army National Guard is using remote sensing technology along with in situ monitoring to take ...

  • Weiser River Animation

    the Weiser river from the air

    A demonstration of integrating Airborne LiDAR, Terrestrial Laser Scanning, and 3D GIS for application to the potential Weiser River dam, Idaho. Produced in partnership with the Idaho National Laboratory, Boise.

  • Interactive Water Quality Map

    Interactive water quality map

    An exploration of water quality, water sources and topography in Google Earth. Produced for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality Children’s Outreach Program (Kasey Guthrie, Pocatello, ID). Interactive Water Quality Data ...

  • 3D Virtual Tour of the Borah Peak Earthquake Fault

    Change in groundwater pressure altered hydrology

    A movie about the Borah Peak earthquake using LiDAR imagery, photography, Google Earth, and published reports. An accompanying teacher resource guide is also available. Produced for the Idaho Falls School ...

  • 3D Virtual Tour of Eastern Idaho’s Water Resources

    eastern idaho water resources

    A narrated movie touring several interesting and important water resources in eastern Idaho using LiDAR imagery, photography, and Google Earth. Produced for the BLM/USFS Eastern Idaho Visitors Center (Deycie Luke ...

  • 3D Virtual Tour of the Idaho EPSCoR Raft River Research Site

    Two cars driving around the world

    A narrated movie highlighting the NSF funded study on surface energy balance and water use behavior of cheat grass communities to assess the impact of climate change on the region’s water. Uses Google ...

  • The Boise River: From Snow to River to You

    Arial view of Boise river

    This 9 minute video seeks to educate 4th-6th graders about the Boise watershed, where their water comes from, and the many uses of that water in the Treasure Valley. Produced ...

  • LiDAR for hydrological studies


    An introduction to LiDAR and example of using LiDAR for hydrological studies.